Salvage Yard Church of Jesus Christ | Minneapolis

The Salvage Yard Church, Minneapolis - Where Jesus is Lord and we belong to each other.


Thanks for visiting us online.  I hope you take time to come and get involved with this incredible group of people.  I’ve been a part of the Salvage Yard Church since before we were the Salvage Yard.  I’ve always valued this group’s commitment to each other and to involving everyone in the process of ‘doing church’ – we are all the “staff of the Salvage Yard.”  In the last few years, however, words cannot describe how proud I am to be a part of a community that has lived out time and again how to intentionally engage in pursuing and valuing each other.  Sometimes things take a long time or seem inconsistent, but we have decided that we would rather rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading us together instead of a formula or traditional structure.  Understanding and appreciating our differences is hard work and it takes time, but there is deep satisfaction in being part of a ‘body’ that is joined together with Christ as our head (see Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 12) and in the end, our church is a place that reflects all of us; and when new people get involved it reflects them too!  Through all of our ups and downs and DIY experiments, we have continued to cling to Jesus as Lord and we know that the fullness of life is only found in him.  If you’re not a part of our church, I encourage you to visit and get involved – there’s no way to experience how amazing this group is unless you take time to discover it for yourself.

- Andrew, Elder and Preacher

Why Call it the "Salvage Yard"?

The name of the Salvage Yard church ended up having two meanings.  The one that seemingly became more familiar is that of old stuff getting rescued and restored from the junk yard.  After a little work and elbow grease it's in working condition again and so it is "released", so to speak, into being something functional again.  Much like people.  God rescues us from our brokenness and restores us into a right relationship with him.  As we grow in our faith, he calls us to be released into ministry to rescue others.

The other meaning, though, has much more to do with who we our as a unique body of believers - our corporate identity, if you will.  See, another great part about a salvage yard is that you can go grab part of a car, another few parts off some bikes, an old washing machine, some other odds and ends - and by bringing them together you can build something unique, purposeful and beautiful.  That's the vision of our church.  We all come from different backgrounds and we have different personalities and different things we're good at or not so good at.  Maybe it seems kind of random on its own.  But God uses this eclectic variety to build something that only he can put together.  We're each repurposed from what we had been and each individual is now an integral part this new whole.  And then he uses this new creation to bring glory to himself.  That's our church.  That's the Salvage Yard Church of Jesus Christ.

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